Colleen jennings


"Colleen is a talented musician and a committed, conscientious teacher. She skillfully shares her musicianship and broad experience with her students. She also anchors her instruction in a deep knowledge of the body: how it moves and how it works. This information helps her students develop the precise physical coordination necessary to improve technique, prevent injury, and develop self-expression."

~Missy Vineyard, Alexander Technique Teacher and founder of the Alexander Technique School New England

​“Colleen is a wonderfully inspiring and supportive teacher, who has always been willing to respond to my interests in music and violin. She provides the perfect balance between challenge and encouragement, and has greatly helped to shape me into a confident and competent musician.” 

~Galen Winsor, student since 2009

"As I have transitioned into college, my violin lessons have been a way for me to escape the stress and pressure of my academics. With Colleen as a teacher, going to lessons doesn't feel like just another obligation. She makes the learning process fun and engaging and, as someone who has had several other teachers over the years, I know that the patience and kindness she employs in her teaching are not easy to find. I have no doubt that Colleen is a big reason for my continued love of the violin. "

~Annabel Utz, student at Smith College

“I had the privilege of learning violin from Colleen for a number of years, during which she helped me advance my skills technically and melodically, all the while giving me constant support and encouragement to push pass my obstacles.”

~Erin Kavanagh, student at Carnegie Mellon University