​I love to teach others to play the violin. Teaching is an essential component of being a whole musician for me. I love helping students discover their unique voice through the violin. My students benefit from a sense of accomplishment having worked to set and reach desired goals that are truly authentic and which help to define the role of music in their lives. Studying the violin is helpful in so many areas of life from learning time management and discipline skills, developing coordination and fine motor skills, and learning to listen deeply and constructively. Playing chamber music develops skills akin to living life with others-listening, watching, adjusting, being sensitive and being flexible. My students have excelled in these pursuits while also getting into major music conservatories, summer festivals, soloing with orchestras and winning top honors. ​In addition, my interest in the connection between mind and body, has led me to explore the  Alexander Technique and Body Mapping which I integrate into my teaching. This awareness helps students to continue to play their instruments free of injury.

I offer private lessons as well as chamber music coaching for new or preformed groups. If you think you could benefit from working with me, I am anxious to meet you! Contact me here to schedule an initial consultation.

Colleen jennings